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San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO


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When Workers Stand Together - We Win!


At the Labor Council, we believe that ALL workers deserve a voice on the job. Together, we fight for higher wages and quality healthcare, housing that is affordable and equal pay for equal work.  We represent workers from a wide variety of industries and professions who want a seat at the negotiating table and in the halls of power.

We are firefighters standing with teachers, nurses and construction tradespeople standing with home healthcare aides, and professors standing with hotel workers. We are grocery workers walking shoulder to shoulder with truck drivers, hospital techs, janitors and zoo employees.


Our power is in our ability to come together and fight for one another, and for all working people.


Building Worker Power

We build the power of workers at the negotiating table, in the halls of government and at the ballot box. Billionaires and big corporations are fighting every day to pay workers less, and take away our right to a voice on the job.

We bring workers together to fight back.


Giving San Diego A Raise

Rebuilding the middle class starts with better wages, working conditions and benefits for working families. Find out more about how you can help give San Diego a raise.

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Fighting for Change

Union workers are improving education and healthcare, standing with immigrants, fighting for LGBT families, women and people of color, protecting the environment and more. Find out how you can help.

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Making Housing Affordable

Whether you are a hotel housekeeper, a teacher or a truck driver, you deserve affordable rent and the chance to buy a home of your own. Find out more about how you can fight for lower housing costs.

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